Viewing Commands


View a list of all commands


?          -will show one screen’s worth of commands. 

-         To see the next one in the list, hit <Enter>

-         To see them a page at a time, hit <Spacebar>

-         To stop the display and return to prompt, type:  quit 

-         Since there are 4 modes, there is a different set of commands for each mode (about 100 commands total).

NOTE: the Sybex and Routersim trainers only support those commands which are needed for the CCNA test (about half of the commands).


View info on a single command :


“command” ?                - make sure you include a space before the question mark. 


Note:  there are a number of commands that have several parameters that must be included with the command.  Unfortunately the ? only gives you the next parameter, and you may need to type the command in with the next parameter, over several iterations before you get the help to show all the parameters.  For example, the clock command takes the following format to set the clock :         


Clock set hh:mm:ss day month year


Unfortunately, when you type in “clock ?” all you will get is the next parameter shown with a description :


            Set  Set the time and date

So, you then have to enter “clock set ?”  and so on, and so on  (very trying).  For example :


            Command        Router Console Feedback

Clock ?

                        Set  Set the time and date

Clock set ?

                 Current time

Clock set 11:23:17 ?

                        <1-31>  day of month

Clock set 11:23:17 6 ?

                        MONTH  Month of the year

Clock set 11:23:17 6 July ?

                        <1999-2035>  Year

Clock set 11:23:17 6 July 2001 ?



The <cr> lets you know that you have finally put together the entire clock command.  Now all you need to do is re-enter it without the ?


Clock set 11:23:17 6 July 2001


Then issue a “show clock” command to check the router’s new time.  You can see that it took seven commands to get the clock set properly, using the ? option.  By the way, use the Up-Arrow to repeat the last command, and then add the next few characters,  to save a lot of typing.