Security . . .  the 2nd highest priority of every company (right behind profit).  The topic is just too broad to do it justice here, but if you work in the tech industry - security is a major concern.  This section describes the primary security methods in use today  .  .  .  both in the Government, and Commercial sectors.  All technologies are changing at a blinding pace, but the primary standards and so complex that they take quite a while for ratification.  This gives the IT professional a bit of time to learn - before it is all turned on it's head again by the next set of standards.

Security was always a critical area of data communications - but it has ballooned into a huge market since 9/11, and taken on a new urgency.  A proliferation of standards, stronger encryption algorithms,  hardened firewalls, never-ending Microsoft patches, and a plethora of corporate sponsored security IT certifications have emerged in the data arena.  

And in the physical world, keeping intruders OUT has become a paramount concern.  Personal recognition systems have been perfected - such as fingerprint detection and retina scanning.