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Cisco's UniverCD

Cisco Cables

Cisco Serial Cables

Cisco Product Catalog

Cisco CCP Reference Guide

*** The CCP is awesome.  It has detailed info about each router, along with the best diagrams I have ever seen of the backs of the routers. It is only available on the Cisco Australian site, but I found that I was able to download it also. You download the exe file, and run it. After that, just place a shortcut to the main html file: "c:\program files\cpp  reference guide\bookmark.htm" on your desktop, and you have instant access to all the Cisco products in detail. 

Cisco's BGP Page

Cisco's BGP Page

Cisco Certifications Explained

Cisco's Frame-to-ATM Page

Cisco IP Addressing and Subnets

Cisco Terms and Acronyms

Custom Cables - Stonewall Cables

DS0, DS1, DS1C, DS2, DS3 Explained

Everything T1

Federal Glossary of Telecommunications Terms

Government Outage Reports

IP Address Calculator (Enter IP Addr and get Class, Network addr, and node addr)

NPA/NXX Lookup
   (click on the NPA, and then a small box pops up. Enter the NXX and it will tell you where that location is)

RFC's (Request for Comments)

TCP and UDP Ports

TSP (Telecommunications Service Priority)

Understanding IP Adressing ***Excellent

Webopedia - Online Technical Dictionary

VPN Glossary (Internet VPN)