New Technologies


There are thousands of new technologies, and to keep up . . . with even the top 10 - is a never-ending battle.  Here we will discuss the top new standards, protocols, concepts, and designs.  

Since there are so many areas to explore - the trick is to whittle them down, and concentrate on those with promise.  So first off - there are a few primary areas where an explosion of R&D is occurring.  Some, such as VOIP, are not new - but are making such tremendous strides recently, that they need to be included in this section :


Other areas include PoE (Power over Ethernet, or Ethernet PON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) - IEEE 802.3af).

Voice/Data Convergence

The landscape in voice & data communications is headed in a direction known as "convergence".  Simply put, the goal is to converge voice and data traffic onto a single network.