The Optical Revolution

The future of data communications lies squarely in one technology - optical communications.  Nothing is faster than the speed of light, and hunger for faster bandwidth will never cease.  Only fiber can meet the challenges ahead. 

Although FTTC (Fiber To The Curb) is expensive . . . eventually, all homes will be hooked up.  This will spell the end of telephone lines and the end of cable.  But it is still a long way off, and therefore, the current optical revolution is happening in the core of large carrier networks.

Optical networking companies are investing huge amounts of R&D and for the building of new systems.  Optical networking is expected to turn the world economy on its head. Itíll blow away bandwidth bottlenecks, virtually eliminate Internet delays, and, consequently, usher in huge changes in how companies are run in general and how they conduct their IT functions in particular.

This spells possible trouble for the technical employment arena, because once everything is connected by fiber . . . few people are needed, since the telecom networks will be taken for granted.  With no transistors, power supplies, etc. - optical communications rarely ever break down !!

In the short term, however, lies the tricky task of figuring it all out.  Many companies are moving in many directions . . . so standards need to be developed.